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    Flash Pro CS4

    summers_wine Level 1

      Motion presets panel does display however the folders containing the motion presets that come with flash pro are missing.


      How to get these motion presets in Windows or MAC?

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          The file(s) are in two parts. In your Flash CS4 folder, you should have a folder named "en". In this folder are two folders, "Configuration" and "First Run". In the Configuration folder will be a folder named "Motion Presets". This contains an xml file with the information on where the actual preset files are located. Also in the CS4 folder is a folder named "Common". In that folder is another set of Configuration and First Run folders. The actual preset files are in a folder named Motion Presets in the Configuration folder.


          If you don't have these files, then you may need to re-install.