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    Focus issue


      Hi all,

      I have a custom component with textbox & a poup button
      <mx:Text id="source" height="100%" width="40%" data="my text" />
      <mx:VBox backgroundAlpha="0" height="100%" borderThickness="0">
        <mx:PopUpButton enabled="true" id="editButton"  width="40" icon="@Embed('assets/images/Legends/editIcon.png')"
         height="19" toolTip="Edit at segment"/>

      I am using this custom component as the itemEditor for the datagrid

      I have a problem with focus. I need to set focus to the text after popup buttton itemclick
      The scenerio is I am typing text in the text(source). If I go to popup button & click any item. Now my focus move to the popup button. And I am not able to type in the text as the focus is lost.
      I need to set the focus back to the text(source) after popupbutton item selection. So that I can continue typing.
      in my case I need to click gain in the text & then I am able to type.