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    problems viewing the content panel for each note of the tree...



      I am new in desinging flex applications. I am trying to work on flex tree structure and to view contents of each node which are written in mxml files.

      In my design, I have navigation panel which is able to view either the tree view or the list view. I have problems viewing the right files for each node click while setting the call for files in data field such as in my following code ---

      since my list view is in alphabetical order so is my view stack, it messed up the order in my tree implementation if I add a new file to the list.

      Please tell me how to resolve this problem.

      Here is part of the codes in tree implementation!


      <mx:XMLList id="treeNavData">
          <node label="Politik" data="-1" >
              <node label="Unternehmenspolitik"  data="30" />
              <node label="IM-Politik"  data="16" />
              <node label="Risikopolitik"  data="23" />        
          <node label="Handbücher und Anweisungen" data="-1" >
              <node label="Integriertes Management"  data="17"  />
              <node label="IM-Handbuch"  data="15"/>
              <node label="Verfahrensanweisungen"  data="33" />
              <node label="Arbeitsanweisungen"  data="12" />
              <node label="Normen und Regularien"  data="20" />