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    No thumbnails in PP Media Browser

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      I am working on MacOS X with Adobe CS4 Production Premium. Our footage is either Sony XDCAM EX or AVCHD. The XDCAM files are copied via Sony's Clip Browser, i.e. with the complete BPAV structure. The AVCHD files are transfered via iMovie, resulting in .mov files with the Apple Intermediate codec. The reason being that Canon does not deliver any transfer software for Mac with its AVCHD camcorders.


      Anyway, the result usually is quite a bunch of directorys and files, that would be great if it could be browsed easily. Unfortunately, Adobe Bridge can only show the transfered AVCHDs, not the XDCAM EX files. The media browser on the other hand does not allow for quick browsing, since it does not show any thumbnails. Neither for the movs nor for the XDCAM files. I only get a list of the file names. These are not helpfull at all, since that only tells me which camera was used and the order in which the clips where shot.


      Now I saw on Adobe TV a video from MAX 2009 with a screencapture of Premiere with the media browser open and thumbnails all over the place. This is what I wished for all the time. Why do I not get thumbnails in media browser?


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