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    Email settings problem; error sending activation email

    mrcharis2003@yahoo.c Level 1

      Hi there 


      Hope everyone is doing well


      I am having some problems with my latest user registration pages for my site


      I am havving problems sending the
      activation email


      I have set up my server to relay emails and it works ok      I use a linux server and  cpenel and outlook expres as my mail client...... I configured an email account in my cpanel called     admin @mysite.com      I used the automatic configure outlook express to configure outlook    


         I can send and recieve emails to and from my Yahoo account using my yahoo adress to admin@mysite.com     and I can send emails from outlook ex using     admin@mysite.com     to my yahoo email


      I then created the user registration pages for my site with email activation .........


      All wen well then I tried to test and got the following error ....



      E-mail couldn't be sent. Error returned: Failed to connect to mail.mysite.com:25 [SMTP: Failed to connect socket: Connection timed out (code: -1, response: )]. (EMAIL_FAILED)

      So I looked at my email settings in my control panel........      I have tried every possible combination of information to get it to work and I still get the same error

      I have tried     

      mail server      mail.mysite.com                                    This is the same info that is described in the manual settings for my email config in cpanel
                port       25
         username     admin@mysite.com                               This is the email account I set up in cpanel    web mail
         password      **********
      default sender  admin@yahoo.com 

      This is the same info that is described in the manual settings for my email config in cpanel 
      This is the email account I set up in cpanel    web mail         

      I have changed all the information Mannnnnnny times for hours and hours and still no luck

      I have tried      mail server =     mail.mysite.com , my mail server IP address , www.mysite.com . etc etc etc

      I have tried to     username / paassword        the cpanel username & password    /    my email account username and password ... etc etc etc

      nothing works

      I can find nothing to help at all on the net

      I did read that the settings should be exactly the same as the working settings from outlook express....... so I checked the settings in outlook express, that work, and put all the same settings in my email settings in ADDT control panel .....

      And it still does not work

      I still get the same error

      The  strange thing is that I can send and recieve email from outlook using the email admin@mysite.com , using the mail server    mail.mysite.com
      but when I use exactly the same info in addt I get the error

      Is driving me crazy

      Can someone please tell me the correct information to fill in on my email settings ......?    in detail ........

      I have read the help documentation and  is no help at all

      I am lost

      Any help would be great

      Have a great day

      oh one thing........ any idea why you cannot search withing forum topics anymore ...... ?