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    Eyedropper tool problem




      I've got a problem with Illustrator's Eyedropper Tool that neither my teacher nor Google was able to solve. When I use it to copy a color over to a different part of the image, the copied color is slightly off (I verified this using the color sampler in photoshop). I already made sure that the raster sample size is set to "point sample" so I know it's not because it's sampling from too wide of an area. This only happens on my school's Mac, it works fine on my own Mac. However, when I start a document at school and open it on my own Mac, it has the same problem. When I open a new document on my own Mac there is no problem. Is it something with the 'proof setup'? I need it to make an illustration of a picture using mesh tool. This problem has me stumped - any ideas, please?

      I included an example. I used the point sample where my mouse pointer is to fill the circle.Picture 2.png

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          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          Are you sure the Edit>Color Settings are the same (across applications/Macs)? If not, they should be.


          If the sampled colour is (originally) an RGB from an image and the Document Color Mode is CMYK, there may be a difference in conversion.

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            Lenepoes Level 1

            thanks for the response
            at school the color settings are Prepress 2
            my settings are: North American General Purpose 2
            I already tried changing that but still can't get the colors right.
            I had the same problem with an illustration of a bell pepper we had to make using the mesh tool
            I couldn't get the right shade of orange from the original bell pepper image when I tried to reproduce it with the mesh tool

            The resulting shade of orange I get from using the eyedropper tool varies depending on which part of the bell pepper I use as its source, although it's the same shade of orange everywhere

            Also, it's always darker than it should be, never lighter

            here the image is in cmyk and the illustrator file is too, so I don't think that is the problem

            Picture 1.png