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    Problem interaction Go to URL



      I've a problem about a custom component Interaction.


      I set the Interaction on:

      On Click

      Go to URL

      and i specify my http adress.


      Then when i Run the Project i've nothing interaction.


      The custom component is visible only on Over and Down state of a button. (it's a label visible on rollover)


      Thanks so much

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          BlazoIta , i'm not sure , but you could try to change your interaction settings ON CLICK , whit ON MOUSE DOWN...


          Hope to be helpful, if not, i'm sorry!!



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            Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee



            If you're putting your clickable component inside of a Button, I think that's the problem.  Because Buttons themselves are clickable, they take over all the mouse events that occur within them, so you can't add other things that are part of the Button but independently clickable.  If you want a Button where clicking anywhere on the button takes you to a URL, but the label is only visible on rollover, that is definitely doable.  Just leave the label as static text/shapes/etc. within the Button, and attach the On Click interaction to the entire Button instead of just the label (exit out of editing the Button, select the entire Button, and then apply the interaction).


            Hope that helps,


            - Peter