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    Pictures missing




      I'm using Robohelp 8. When I generate webhelp from within Robohelp everything is ok.


      When I use a bat file for generating webhelp some pictures are missing. The picture files are not copied into the output directory. For the generation the same settings are used for both methods, my bat file uses the -l parameter.


      What can I do? Are there some special settings?




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          DannyH. Level 1

          Hi again,


          I saw the .fpj file in one subdirectory did not contain every theme but only a few.


          Now I edited this .fpj file manually and added all themes. Then I generated the WebHelp again using my bat file and all pictures appear in the output directory and are displayed now. Great!


          Why did the WebHelp output work until now by using a bat file for generating when the .fpj file did not contain all themes? Or is my understanding of these .fpj files wrong?




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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

            The FPJ file should only list the HTM files and the sub-folders. Nothing else.


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