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    Changing Text in flash Header that cannot be located


      I've a simple template I purchased with a flash header. There is a top navigation across the top of the header in previewing it. However, no matter how much I try to locate each of the text to change it per button, in the library, all of the buttons have the same name, in this particular, "main page", but NOT the rest of the menu from left to right in preview mode. I've went through every single library item to locate how to simply change the text, that's all for each of the menu items and cannot find the residual text for each button on the top of the preview navigation. In my library there is no navmenu or anything like that. The closest I could find was:


      button 2 copy which says 'main page'

      button 2 copy 2, which says, 'main page'

      button 2 copy 3,  which says, 'main page'

      button 2 copy 4, which says, 'main page'

      button 2 copy 5,  which says, 'main page'

      button 2 copy 6,  which says, 'main page'

      button 2 copy 7  which says, 'main page'


      So, no where else in the library do I see, in this particular, the text of the residual navigation items which in this case is at the top of the header. This is nuts. I need to change the remaining items in the top navigation, to things like "main page" which  already have, then "buying", "selling, "movng" and so forth, but cannot find how to change the current text. So simple, but I can't figure this out. Please help... To see an example of needing to change the top navigation to other names, please see http://www.fanniemaehouse.com .


      Thank you.!!