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    nook - supported by ADE ?


      With the B&N nook reader about the ship, there has been a lot of discussion on the B&N forums about how or if nook will be supported by ADE with respect to B&N along with downloading DRM books from Overdrive.


      There may have been comments posted that indicate nook IS supported, but have a few specific clarification questions.

      I just did a search here for "nook", and there were no posted messages.


      Is nook supported by ADE ?


      1 - If supported, why is nook not listed on the ADE webpage as a supported device ?


      2 - What version of ADE is required on the desktop to support nook ?


      3 - Will nook work out of the box with ADE, or will it require a firmware update ?


      4 - Will nook work with ADE and downloaded books from the Overdrive library system,

      or does Overdrive need to upgrade there server software prior to nook becoming compatible ?


      Thanks for answering these - and posting new support text on the ADE website concerning nook.