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    Zend AMF extremely slow first request

    schipmold Level 1

      Hi all,


      I'm having a weird problem with Zend AMF and was wondering if anyone else has seen this before.


      I've got a very simple PHP/MySQL backend that returns multidimensional arrays to Flex via Zend AMF.

      Now this all worked fine up to the point that I started testing my app with a remote server instead of my local test server.


      With the remote server I noticed that sometimes, but always the first time, some PHP function is called it takes forever to call the callback function with a result. I'm talking about around 1 to 2 minutes!

      Now, when I call that same php function via a normal url every time it returns the right results in a couple of milliseconds.


      When the function has been called once it seems to be ok and next time it's called it returns results within milliseconds.


      I've had a look with a network sniffer to see if the transfer of data takes long, but that's all fine...
      So it looks to me as if it just takes forever before the RemoteObject calls it's callback function.


      I'll be testing with some stripped down code later tonight and will also set it up on a different server, but I was hoping someone else has seen this and knows a workaround...