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    Presenter short answer quiz problems with answer


      Hi everyone,


      it's my first time using adobe presenter. I started to make a short answer quiz and put a word i.e. "car"  in the answer field. As I read the manual the question will be correct, if the user is typing the word as answer. After testing the quiz I wonder because the will be only a right answer if the word car will be type alone. When typing a sentence i.e. I have a car this means a wrong answer for the program.

      Is there a way to tell the quiz just look out for the right word or means short answer just exactly the word in the answer cell? If I read the manual correct a complete sentence with the word must be a right answer. What's wrong?


      Thanks for your help.

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          leo_leo Level 2



          When checking a response of a Short answer Question , it compares the sentence typed by user against answer provided by Quiz creator and if it matches exaclty it is correct .There is an option though which is to check answer irrespective of case i.e cAse sensitive  .



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            flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

            The Presenter quiz engine is a black and white quiz engine. Meaning that the indivual either gets the answer completely right or completely wrong. In the case of the short answer and fill in the blank questions, the user needs to put in EXACTLY what you list as the correct answer to get the points for the question. One letter, word, or punctuation different and they will get it wrong.


            If you have the Training Module of Connect or a Learning Managment System, then you could go back and manually grade the question to allow for accurate grading for the quiz. This is how almost every online testing engine works, and it is the most accurate as even if it looks for key terms for grading, it doesn't mean that the answer is correct.

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              To take Leo's and Jorma's comments one step further, any time a client (or even one of our Instructional Designers) requests that kind of question type, one of the first things we do immediately is to set the question to ONE ATTEMPT and then set both the correct and incorrect feedback responses with the same identical content...so regardless of whether you got it right or wrong, the same feedback will display.


              So what this means is that the resulting feedback might say something like: "Did your answer include the following?....." and then include the correct information.


              I know that seems counter-intuitive, but one of the most difficult aspects of using the Short Answer question type is in terms of how a learner might respond.  It can be a very difficult animal to control...and although you could use the retry feedback prompt to help the learner with hints for a correct response, we've found that it's just too cumbersome to worry about.


              Additionally, any time we use Short Answer question types, we usually set it to 0 points and totally disable the the Report Answers option, so even as the learner answers this type of question, no reporting whatsoever is triggered back on the LMS, for the reasons that Leo and Jorma outlined above.





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                Jesst124 Level 1

                I will be out of the office starting  17/12/2009 and will not return until



                I will respond to your query on my return.