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    Rotation of objects

    Rob Velds Level 1

      I'm trying to move objects from A to B  (Round photos on a background of a map). During its way from A to B the object is shrinking. So far no problem. But my intention was to rotate the object on its "journey".

      But I didn't found a clue to work with anchor points, so the object is flying around an unknown anchor point (visible on the screenshot) instead of just turning in circles.

      I enclose two screenprints for your information.

      Am I asking too much?

      Not clear yet? I'll try to explain furher.


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          Harm Millaard Level 7



          This is described in the help file and manual (page 258+). Select the clip in the timeline so it shows in the program monitor, select the motion effect in the effect controls panel and then adjust the anchor point by adjusting the figures in your screenshots by dragging left of right for both horizontal and vertical position. You can keyframe the anchor points so it flows nicely with the other keyframes you have set.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            First, PrPro will not really see the images as "round." They will be square/rectangular (this will be seen by the Bounding Box). You can pin the image in the middle of the circle (round image), and then apply Motion>Rotation, and Motion>Position to it, Keyframing as needed.


            Good luck, and hope that this helps,



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              Rob Velds Level 1

              Sorry, I was just laughing about the black Friday in the 8 oçlock news, but I can better laugh about my own stupidity.

              I did't succeed - despite the reactions - in rotating.

              I will sure try another time after completing this project. I proceeded without rotation (Indeed the boxes are square).

              During trying this I found it rather irritating that once you want to change the properties of a clip, the selection of the clip changes to the upperlying clip, after trying to drag an object in the projectwindow. So you should complete the whole set of properties before adding a new clip above the latest.

              Sorry you could not take me by the hand. After all no rotation is better, but it was a challenge to fulfil my creative plans.


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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                Sorry that you did not get to use Rotation, but you cannot fault the responsiveness of the forum. Harm just types faster than I do, and is also in NL, so he's many hours ahead of me...




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                  Rob Velds Level 1

                  As my experiences in the past, this forum reaches the speed of light.

                  Sorry I wasn't fast enough this time.


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                    Rob Velds Level 1

                    One night rest will help you in many cases.

                    With Hunts remark in mind I went back to PS and changed my circle-objects in exacly square objects. (1080*1080, they were 1920*1080).

                    Back to premiere and started the trick again. And believe me, the result is exact what I wanted. I assume that the anchor point is exact in the middle now, which makes it easier (for me) now to do.

                    So everything OK now, thanks for your push in my back.


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                      the_wine_snob Level 9



                      Yes, a good night's rest can work wonders!


                      Glad that things worked for you, and thanks for reporting,



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                        Rob Velds Level 1

                        To finalise this subject I would like to share with you the endresult with the rotaing objects.

                        I needed 34 videotracks (timeconsuming for rendering), but it gives you insight in what I meant with rotating objects.

                        Here is the link


                        Till a next time. I would like to explain to Harm, why I don't have a manual, the only thing I can say Premiere Elements lies unused on the shelf.

                        Regards and again Thanks.


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                          the_wine_snob Level 9
                          I don't have a manual, the only thing I can say Premiere Elements lies unused on the shelf.


                          I feel that the lack of a manual for both PrElements and PSElements is a big mistake on Adobe's part. Most purchasers of these programs do not have much, if any, experience with NLE's, or image processing programs. There is a "cottage industry," that has grown up, with books like the Missing Manuals series for these. I'm not sure how it is with PrPro and Encore, but for a period of time, one could buy the actual manuals from Adobe. For me, these would be worth the $'s, but then I like books, much better than PDF's and Help files - old school guy, that I am.


                          Good luck,



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                            shooternz Level 6

                            I took a look at what you did with your rotation.


                            Can I respectfully suggest that it could have been a little more polished if you synchronised the Start and Stop of the motion effects you applied  ie motion on the text graphic and the image rotation.


                            I might add that they could have been 50% faster (at least) to add impact.


                            Only my thoughts.