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    Youtube H.264 HD under 10 Minutes  but under 2 gigs???

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      As you know YouYube allows up to 10 minutes, HD quality, but has a 2 gig max.  I am trying to encode in H.264 because that is, apparently, that is the "best" format, I'm told , for YouTube.


      Yes, there is a YouYube HD preset  (YouTube Widescreen HD) but It's giving me files over 2 gigs.  Almost 3 gigs for an 8 minute video.


      Can you, or anyone give me, a custom HD (HDV) preset that will help me get the video under 2 gigs -- with 1280 x 720?



      Using CS4 Premiere 4.1.0 --  with the Adobe Media Encoder.  Media Encoder CS4






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          shooternz Level 6

          Lower the Data Rate and you will easily achieve enough quality at the rez you are using.


          (I recently uploaded some clips of 3 minute duration - file size 90-110 mb average.)

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            Hi Shooternz,


            Thanks for your response.


            I'm looking at the YouTube preset.  (See attached screen capture)


            1)  I assume it's best to do a VBR, 2 pass (rather than 1 pass?)

            2)  I see two sliders, Target Bitrate and Maximum bitrate.   Can you (or anyone here) tell me the "best" settings for these two sliders.


            As a reminder, I'm encoding a 10 minute video for  YouTube high def NTSC 1280x720.  It's a 10 minute video -- YouTube requires that the files be under 2 gigs.




            P.S.  I'm seeing some interesting info at this link:


            http://webvideotechniques.com/123/bigger-and-better-encoding-for-youtube-hd/comment-page-1 #comment-4959




            Now open your favorite encoding software, import your source file and enter the following settings.


            • 1280×720
            • 29.97 FPS Progressive (Note: use whatever frame rate your source file is set to.  As long as it is progressive it should be ok.)
            • H.264 codec in MP4 wrapper (I recommend the Main Concept encoder if you have access to it, otherwise x264 will be fine)
            • Set your data rate from 4000kbps to 8000kbps (Higher data rates in the source video will give the YouTube encoder more data to work with)
            • Enable 2 pass VBR encoding if it is available


            • AAC  (Use MP3 if AAC is not available)
            • 44.1kHz Stereo
            • 256kbps data rate