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    CS3 Screen captures look very poor even at 100% not cropped or resized




      I have several Windows screen captures, some at 1440x900 wide screen others at 800x600 (the smallest size I can find on any computer at the office).


      When viewed on any computer using any media player the screen capture AVIs appear perfect.


      When placed into Premiere they look atrocious even when they are not resized down to 720x480. They look far worse, basically unreadable, when resized, even the 800x600 resized down to 720x480 looks very poor.


      In Premiere the preview at 100% looks boxy and jumps around, most movements are staggered and the dragging of a Window is choppy and boxes appear from nowhere, sort of flashing before a window appears or a window is resized down or up.


      When I export the un-cropped unrevised video as an AVI, it looks even worse.


      I'm sure I'm doing something wrong but after 2 weeks of trying various things, I'm at a loss. THANKS in advance!!!



      1. The 1440x900 looked horrible, I tried 800x600, still looks very poor, resized or not

      2. Exported to Microsoft AVI, Microsoft DV AVI, Quicktime, and others, the results look poor

      3. I tried uncompressed but the file created was 11 Gig for 1 minute and would not open.

      4. I read forums that said to make the clips larger but that didn’t seem to work (the 1440x900 was worse resized)

      5. I tried not cropping the clips, I’m still seeing artifacts, boxes, and the exported AVI looks blurry.

      6. I tried making screen caps on a different computer, same issue.

      7. I used CamStuido and Camtasia, both looked sharp and perfect until the clips were brought into Premiere.

      8. I tried bumping up the frames per minute to 60 (Premiere’s maximum) but the video looked even worse

      9. The resized clips looked really bad so I tried not resizing them (as a test) they still look poor in the previews and horrible when exported.