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    VideoDisplay in AIR


      Hi there,


      I am new to Flex and AIR, but I am trying to create a scrubber, or playhead advancer whatever, for a video that is playing in a certain state in my application. However, when I move the scrubber back and forth to seek in the video, the video begins stuttering, and then the entire application seems to freeze up. My code is placed below. Can anyone help point me in the right direction?







      <mx:State name="Slideshow" basedOn="">
           <mx:AddChild relativeTo="{goSlideButton}">
           <mx:Button label="Data" click="goData(event);"/>
           <mx:AddChild relativeTo="{ControlBar}" position="after">
           <mx:ApplicationControlBar id="SlideControl" dock="true">
           <mx:Button id="play" click="SlideVideoDisp.play();" label="Play"/>
           <mx:Button id="pause" click="SlideVideoDisp.pause();" label="Pause"/>
           <mx:HSlider liveDragging="true" id="Playhead" minimum="0" value="{SlideVideoDisp.playheadTime}" maximum="{SlideVideoDisp.totalTime}" change="this.SlideVideoDisp.playheadTime = event.currentTarget['value']"/>
           <mx:RemoveChild target="{goSlideButton}"/>
           <mx:RemoveChild target="{ht}"/>
           <mx:AddChild relativeTo="{vbox1}" position="lastChild">
           <mx:VideoDisplay width="100%" height="100%" autoPlay="true" id="SlideVideoDisp"  complete="goData(event);">
           <mx:source>file:////Users/mac/Movies/Fiery Furnace Productions /export.mov</mx:source>
           <mx:RemoveChild target="{hbox1}"/>
           <mx:AddChild relativeTo="{vbox1}" position="lastChild" target="{hbox1}"/>