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    Code will not work!! Some take a look please

      Ok i can create a basic page that changes text in one part of the page only whilst keeping the logo and buttons on a page that never needs reloading, it basically works by which button you press shows different text, this is very straight forward by adding frame labels, and small code
      on (release) {

      on (release) {

      this changes what frame im on by naimng frames, ok fine, but how do you make external .swf files load in a predefined area, ie 800x800 box where depending on which button will change which external .swf movie will show in the pre-defined box.
      im a little useless on code and have tried

      ifFrameLoaded (10) {


      //do stuff) {

      10 is the frame ive named
      but it doesnt work?

      Hope im making some sense, please can someone take a look and get back to me, thank you so far. I think once its explained ill have no bother in getting a site built.