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    Newbie needs help with gotoAndStop action

      My fla file has three layers - video, buttons, actions. The video layer starts out on frame 1, which is a picture/video of a person. The buttons layer has both a play and stop button starting at frame 1 through the end of the project. The actions layer has two actions - the first action is on frame 1: gotoAndStop(1);
      The second action is on the very last frame of the project and it is: gotoAndStop(1);

      The fla file works fine. However, the swf file starts out with only the play and stop buttons and blank/white space where the video should be. Everything appears when I click on the play button; and the stop button works properly. At the end of the file it should return to the picture in frame 1, but instead it returns to just the play and stop buttons with blank/white space.

      So it appear that the actions are working properly, but frame 1 is blank. So then I tried the following actions: gotoAndStop(2); for both the beginning and ending actions, and I get the same thing - play and stop button with blank/white space.

      I am using a Mac Pro, 2.8GHz with 2 Quad-Core Intel Xeon processors.

      Any ideas or suggestions?