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    color managment

    Cris is Bliss Level 1

      Hello all.


      I have 2 admin accounts on a Mac using CS4, OS 10.5.8


      I normally log into my ARTs  Admin Account when I plan to do work in Premiere and After Effects.


      However today by accident I opened a Premiere Project with AE linked comps that I am currently working on in the other Admin Account.  The the brightness of the project was much much darker than in the Arts Admin Account.  Sure enough when I re-logged in to my Arts Admin acccount and opened the project it was the brightness/color that I am used to seeing.    What could possibly be the cause of this.  I would like my projects to look that same on MY computer monitor no matter which account I  log into.  It also made me wonder which brightness/color is the most correct interpretation of my projects. Maybe I've been looking at the wrong brightness all the long.


      I had posted about calibrating my monitor before and wonder if  I did something that would make the color different in the 2 accounts.


      I haven't got a chance yet to purchase any Spyder or other calibration products.



      Thank you