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    CallResponder CREATE only work once


      Hi all!


      Im using Flash Builder 4 to create a new project. Im really happy with the new connection methods, but Im getting an issue really strange. When i create a new service call that include data in my base, it only works on the first time! When i try to include another value, it simply dont work. I dont receive any error message, alert.... nothing. Is there anybody that had this problem? any idea to fix it?


      Explaining the issue in example: I create a Employee service. I generated the employee form, and associated it with the CreateEmployee service. I fill the form with the employee data, and submit. It include the data on my database correctly, but when i try to input another data, the button just dont work. I have to refresh the page to it work again. I tryed to find some answer on the web, but until now i didnt find it. I know that FB4 has been released very recently, so we dont have already a huge knolegment on it.