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    .bat file open problem


      hi all

      i have one bat file and i want to try to open it with director file and the problem is when i was open that file from start>run> it will run proper but from director it will give error.

      In this bat file i am try to open one video file with specific media player named "stereoscopic player".


      my bat file is like.....




      start /wait StereoPlayer.exe -file:e:\test.mpg -il:SideBySideLF  -ol:NVIDIA -fss




      and my director's open button code is...


      on mouseUp me
      _movie.open(the moviepath & "test.bat")

      and the error is

      "windows cannot find 'stereoplayer.exe'. make sure you typed the name correctly,and then try gain......"


      what is the problem i dont understand





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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          The problem is that in your batch file you don't supply the full path to your executable (StereoPlayer.exe). Perhaps it is defined in Windows PATH environment variable, but you shouldn't rely on this. You can either set the current directory to where it is, or (preferrably) supply the full path in the batch file.


          I would suggest using Buddy API for what you are trying to do. That way you can do away with the batch file altogether.