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    How to read serial number of adobe air runtime / flash plugin

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      Is there a way of extracting a unique serial number (or assembly number) from the air runtime and the flash player.



      I asked this question on Experts Exchange and the consensus was that it's not possible. However, I thought I would try here before I gave up.


      I am using flash remoting and I want to pair a user's subscription with a specific flash player or adobe air runtime. The flash application would interrogate the flash player and send it back to a database using remoting. If the serial number was correct then the user would get access. If not they would be rejected. The same would happen with an Air application but the serial number would be pushed instead of pulled.


      Mplord of EE introduced me to the Capabilities class (Flash) and the NativeApplication.nativeApplication class and method (Air). However, it's not really what I was looking for. In c# and vb.NET it's possible to extract the windows serial number from the OS and I'm looking for a similar function in as3.


      If this was possible it would be a fantastic way to protect your content and it would be really easy for Adobe to build this feature in.


      Thanks in advance for any help.


      Kind Regards