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    about how to use the style on any object.


      i use the fireworks cs4 on my win7 64bit system. when i want to use a style on a object ,it doesn't work. i just use the style with normal steps, first chose a object ,for example a rectangle, and then open the style windows, and chose a style. but it doesn't work.

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          Sarthak Singhal Adobe Employee

          If the object is not an autoshape or a symbol, then the styles should not be creating issues.

          There is a limitation with styles when used on objects like groups,autoshapes,symbols.


          A workaround to use styles on such object kind is to ungroup them and then they should be working.


          In CS4 and earlier there are 2 ways of creating rectangles.

          1. Using the "Rectangle tool"
          2. Using the "Rounded Rectangle"


          The style will have limited functionality when used with Rounded Rectangle. Workaround is to ungroup it and then apply the style.