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    Start-Up Problems


      Yesterday, I downloaded Pre 8, Installed it, and tried to open it. The real thing is on its way. Anyways. I would go to new project. Once I named it and pressed okay, the editing tools would briefly show, and then the program would close. Still can't get it to work. If I can't get it to work, I'm going to return my copy. Please help.


      Here's the highlights of the error report:


      <crash exception="EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION" instruction="0x17c4a0a5">

      <backtrace crashedThread="0">

      <thread index="0">

      <stackStatement index="0" address="0x17c4a0a5" symbolname="AIF::OGL::Context::makeCurrent"/>



      <register name="EAX" value="0x193af6fc"/>

      <register name="EBX" value="0x00000000"/>

      <register name="ECX" value="0x00000000"/>

      <register name="EDX" value="0x17d8d53c"/>

      <register name="ESI" value="0x0edab490"/>

      <register name="EDI" value="0x0edab490"/>

      <register name="ESP" value="0x01000008"/>

      <register name="EBP" value="0x01000000"/>

      <register name="EIP" value="0x00000000"/>

      <register name="EFL" value="0x00010202"/>




      I haveWindows XP Home SP3 all updates installed

      NVidia GeForce 6600 GT Video card, latest drivers

      4 GB RAM

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          Unfortunately, you have posted to the Tips & Tricks sub-forum. It's basically a repository for articles on how to do some things, i.e. tips & tricks. Most users will not see your post here. Hopefully, Steve Grisetti (the forum MOD) will move it out to the main forum, so others can see the post and can help you.


          Now, this ARTICLE might be able to help. That exception in the memory address might indicate that there is some conflict in the memory management. It could be that some program is not reporting its memory usage correctly, and that the OS is getting confused. The article will give you some tips on setting up your computer for an editing session. That would be my first step in troubleshooting this exception.


          Good luck,