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      I had problems during activation process of Adobe Digital Edition after purchasing DRM ebooks and have had to reinstall the program several times.
      So, finaly I was able to authorize one of my computers for reading those docuemnts, but following message is coming up now when trying to authorize my laptop:
      "E_ACT_TOO_MANY_ACTIVATIONS http:\\adeactivate.adobe.com/adept/Activate 3:6003:6003 urn:uuid:8de1d0ea-ba6a-4297-9961-c4b6528a9cea"


      After a first chat on 03.NOV.2009 looking for assistance, I was just forwarded to call the Technical Support.

      And after my call on 04.NOV.2009 to the Technical Support, I was informed about escalation and was just placed to wait for their contact and final solution.

      But unfortunately, then I was informed on 17.NOV.2009 about this new procedure to get a solution.

      As far as I have learned, an activation reset of my Adobe's account would be necessary to resolve this program failure.


      For your reference, my laptop is a HP Pavillion dv2000 and the Norton Internet Security 2009 tool is installed on it for protection.


      I will really appreciate your support with this issue for being able to read my new ebooks on the laptop as soon as possible!

      Thank you very much in advance!


      Joaquin Sangenis

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          Jim Lester Level 4

          The phone support should've directed you to submit a web support case (http://www.adobe.com/support/digitaleditions), since there is no phone support available for ADE.


          I've reset your activation count.

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            jsvmailbox@yahoo.es Level 1

            Hi Jim,

            I just have worked out the activation process on my laptop without problem!

            So, now I can take a look inside my purchased ebooks also when away from home!

            Thanks a lot for your quick and proper assistance!


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              I seem to have the same problem.

              I've submitted a web case (#0181304965).

              Reply was something like 'user profile issue, disable all startup items and search for the program that creates this problem'. Workaround: 'create new windows user'...??! (neighter suggestion work...)

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                Jim Lester Level 4

                Sigh looks like they really missread your first eamil....  I've upped your activation count for you.

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                  roja14_1970 Level 1

                  Wow, that was quick!

                  I've registered ADE -> no error!


                  Thanks a lot!!!

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                    Hi Jim - I'm another poor victim of the Too Many Activations problem.

                    I've followed the Adobe procedures in reporting the problem, (see Case no: 181287498 - 18th November - still open) to see if I could get the Activation Count reset. But get asked to send in the Serial number of ADE on the Sony Ebook (not there as ADE is bundled in the product) before anything can be done.  Even spent significant time with an online support technician a few days ago who advised me to go an purchase another copy of ADE (see Case No: #202721082 25th November - now closed)!!  And I've since been back to update Case 181287498 but no response as yet.  Now I'm really getting hacked-off with lack of action.


                    Even with my limited knowledge and having read many similar incidences here on the Forum, I can see the problem would be resolved if the Activation Count was cleared/reset so I could download the books I've bought.  You are the only person I've found on the forums who understands the problems we eBook readers are having with ADE and is able to fix.  Could you help me too?  Thanks

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                      Jim Lester Level 4

                      I reset the activation count for your handheld devices, and am complaining to support (again).

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                        scotbookman Level 1

                        Hi Jim - thanks for the message about resetting the Activation Count.  I Have been able to connect, activate and download the 2 books

                        I purchased 3 weeks ago.  You're a star!  Just in time as well, Borders UK has gone into administration and I expect they'll be closing their download website before long.


                        As a point of observation, your technical support guys are either not well versed in ADE and its (documented in these forums) problem areas, or don't trust us "customers" being honest enough to reset the Activation Count when we ask for it.  Hope this helps you in complaining to support.  Case closed - now down to some serious reading!

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                          I too am getting the "too many activations" message.  Don't seem to be able to log a support case because I have not registered ADE.  I can't get the serial number to register it because when opening the program the first thing it tries to do is activate my computer.  So, if there is someone reading this who can help, it would be much appreciated.


                          The orginal problem for me was that although my computer and e-reader appeared to be activated, when trying to open an e-book recently transferred from ADE on my e-reader it gave me a message saying I had to active the device first.  So I de-activated the computer an e-reader and tried again a few times which led to the "too many activations" message.  Seriously, I wish I'd just bought the paperback.



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                            Jim Lester Level 4

                            You can submit a web case (which is the only way to get support) by going to http://www.adobe.com/support/digitaleditions and clicking on "Submit a web case"

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                              I have the same problem. Customer Support close my case today  after a week because they thought they "Solved" it, but still getting the same error. I am using Windows 7 Professional N laptop and an Onyx Boox. Case number 181305328.

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                                ciando eBooks

                                Hi Jim,


                                some weeks ago I open a supportcase at adobe for digital editions (german support). my errormessage to support was like this

                                "E_ACT_TOO_MANY_ACTIVATIONS http:\\adeactivate.adobe.com/adept/Activate 1:1234:1234 urn:uuid:12345678-1234-1234-1234-1234567890ab"


                                my first answer by support was:

                                - which errormessage do you get?

                                - which programm do you want to activate?

                                - can you resolve the problem?

                                - which OS do you use?


                                I wrote an answer to support with the same errormessage and after 2 weeks they close my case.


                                Is there anyone, who knows Adobe Digital Editons at german support? First time they sent my case to USA and they solve the problem.


                                Regards Christian

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                                  Jim Lester Level 4

                                  What was the case #?

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                                    ciando eBooks Level 1

                                    Dear Jim,

                                    Case #0181237306


                                    They have raised my activation for this case. I haven´t look anymore after I get an email by Adobe, that this case was closed. The email says that they "mean" that the case is solved and close the case. After this mail I thought, that this case was only closed. Sorry, but the first answer I get on my case (last post) is absolutely true.

                                    Regards Christian

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                                      lukechen117 Level 1

                                      Dear Jim


                                         could you help me also? i have the same problem, my case number is

                                      Case #0181321118



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                                        Jim Lester Level 4


                                        1.) You just submitted your case, I usually won't get involved unless it has been a week since the initial submission date.

                                        2.) In your case the error message is absolutely correct.  You have activated your allotted count of computers and will need to wait to get more activations.


                                        So you will have much better luck with support who is likely not to notice this, than with me (and I'll be nice and not just suggest to support that they should close this out).

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                                          Jim Lester Level 4

                                          In your case I see that they sent the following message as a response on 11/05 22:35 (-8:00):

                                          Sehr geehrter (Name redigiert)
                                          gern haben wir den Sachverhalt für Sie überprüft. Die Anzahl der
                                          Lizenzen für Ihr Produkt ADE wurde erhöht. Somit kann Ihr Produkt wieder aktiviert werden. 
                                          Bei weiteren Fragen stehen wir Ihnen gern zur Vefügung.
                                          Mit freundlichen Grüßen
                                          (Name redigiert)
                                          Adobe Technischer Support



                                          Did you not see this?

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                                            lukechen117 Level 1

                                            yea, i just saw it. and i already send them my ID, and the  Screen shot the exact ERROR that you are getting. thanks for been so responsible.

                                            by the way, Is there any active limit? cause when i get my activation back, i'll use it carefully( i do reinstallation my computer alot ).


                                            thanks again.

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                                              lukechen117 Level 1

                                              Dear Jim

                                                   sorry to bother you again.it is already been a week, i still didnt get respond from the support department, could you take care of my case?

                                              my case number is

                                              Case #0181321118


                                              thank you very much

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                                                Jim Lester Level 4


                                                  As an apology for the poor state of our support I gave you back 2 activations.

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                                                  Hi Jim,


                                                  Can you reset my accounts: Case #0181335273   Please! All my books are somewhere i can't go...



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                                                    Jim Lester Level 4

                                                    You submitted your case yesterday, and it is currently marked as pending customer action, meaning

                                                    that they are waiting on information from you to complete this.


                                                    As I said previously ( and in this thread), I generally won't get involved until support has dropped the ball.

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                                                      Khaye2728 Level 1



                                                      When you launch Adobe Digital Editions 1.x on Windows, you may be asked to authorize the product. This causes the error "E_ACT_TOO_MANY_ACTIVATIONS." This error indicates that all of the authorizations allowed for Digital Editions on that machine have been used.

                                                      In some case you may also not be receiving this error but may have run out of activations after switching machines or replacing hardware.


                                                      This is a known issue with Digital Editions 1.x that effects a very small number of users. Adobe is investigating the cause of the issue but does not have a firm solution at this time (August 2008).



                                                      In addition to using the following workaround to allow your machine to launch Digital Editions 1.x, if you have received the error "E_ACT_TOO_MANY_ACTIVATIONS", you will also need to open an Adobe Support web case and ask that your activation count be reset. To open a Digital Editions 1.x Technical Support web case, please use the contact links at www.adobe.com/support/digitaleditions.

                                                      If you are opening a case, please provide us with a system info file. This file will be used by Adobe to help try to find a common element causing this issue for all Adobe Digital Editions users.

                                                      Note: It would also be helpful to note (in your case submission) the brand of your machine, plus please list any spyware/malware or security tools that are installed. For example, if you have any McAfee products installed, or spyware tools such as Lavasoft's Ad-aware.

                                                      To generate a Windows XP System info file:

                                                      1. Choose Start menu > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Information.
                                                      2. In the System Information menu, choose File > Save.
                                                      3. Save the system information as a system information file. This will export an .NFO file.
                                                      4. Put the .NFO file inside a .ZIP archive and attach it to the web case when you open the case.

                                                        If you have trouble creating a ZIP archive, you may FTP the file to Adobe Support. Please see
                                                        www.adobe.com/support/crm_portal/ssi/ftpinfo.html for more information.

                                                        Note: the system information file may contain information that is not relevant to this issue and that you do not wish to share with Adobe. If so, you may want to exclude that information from the file that you send.
                                                      Troubleshooting your machine

                                                      The root cause of this issue is something installed in your user profile that is effecting Digital Editions. While we do have a temporary workaround, it is in your best interest to troubleshoot your machine to determine the cause and resolve the issue.

                                                      To troubleshoot, use the procedures in "Disable startup items and services (Windows XP)" (TechNote kb404984). Disable all startup items, and then restart and launch Digital Editions. If Digital Editions launches without requesting activation then you know that one of the startup items is the root cause. You can then selectively disable startup items and retest to determine which startup item is the problem.

                                                      While troubleshooting, you must use a workaround to run Adobe Digital Editions to read ebook content. You can also use this workaround if you do not wish to troubleshoot.

                                                      To temporarily work around this issue:

                                                      1. Open a support case and have your authorization count reset if necessary.
                                                      2. Select Start > Control Panel.
                                                      3. Double-click User Accounts.
                                                      4. Create a new user account with Administrative privileges. If you are uncertain how to do this see Microsoft KB article "How to create and configure user accounts in Windows XP."
                                                      5. Log out of your primary account.
                                                      6. Log in to the new user account.
                                                      7. Launch Internet Explorer. If you prefer to use another browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, you may need to reinstall that browser in the new user account.
                                                      8. Install Adobe Digital Editions 1.x to the new account, from http://www.adobe.com/products/digitaleditions/. .
                                                      9. Launch and authorize Digital Editions using the same Adobe ID you used on the other account.

                                                      Adobe will continue to research a solution to this problem, and will post a solution as soon as possible. Until a solution is found, you will need to log in to your new account to use Digital Editions. Please watch this TechNote for updates.

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                                                        lukechen117 Level 1

                                                        Dear Jim


                                                             thanks for give me 2 activations back, that is really help alot. Do i still need to wait the support people to reset my activations?  Or can you do it for me? I just dont want to bother you again in the future, cause i already used 1 up, and i plan to use other 1 on my laptop. it is a big chance i will bother you again when i reinstall my windows.


                                                        thank you for your patience.

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                                                          Jim Lester Level 4

                                                          If I were you, I would leave the case open, and support may reset it to 6 activations.

                                                          Note that in lieu of having deactivations increase your activation count, your total activation count slowly increases over time, to take care of what we consider a normal rate of machine turnover (any particular machine should last a little over 2 years), so unless you reinstall windows tomorrow you may not have to contact support or me.

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                                                            hi there.  are you able to reset my activation count so that I can resolve this problem with my adobe digital editions

                                                            as well?  account ID lorimadimason@yahoo.com

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                                                              Hey can you reset my activation count also?? I have the same exact problem. I switched from a pc to a mac and now i can't authorize my account.

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                                                                Hi, Safiyam...

                                                                please keep in mind that this thread is 8 years old.

                                                                I have the same problem (now) and get the idea that the workarounds from former days are not possible any more.

                                                                Otherwise please let me know (in this case I would like to be wrong).

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                                                                  Same prob here:

                                                                  E_ACT_TOO_MANY_ACTIVATIONS Error when trying to authorize an E-Reader

                                                                  could you please reset the ID?

                                                                  Thanks in advance.

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                                                                    mattiaz835757 Level 1

                                                                    After restoring my e-reader Kobo, Adobe digital edition  displays, "E_ACT_TOO_MANY_ACTIVATIONS" . I need reset activation count. Please help me. mattiazambrini@gmail.com

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                                                                      Same prob here:

                                                                      E_ACT_TOO_MANY_ACTIVATIONS Error when trying to authorize an E-Reader after factory reset

                                                                      could you please reset the ID?