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    fix transition in rotating images

    owenpga2 Level 1

      Hello, i posted question earlier on how i could make the transition from my last photo to the first photo a more correct transition. maybe my explanation was difficult to understand??  take a look at these two sites(owendawsonphotography.com / owendawsonpga.com) and look at the rotating slide show. when the last image fades out it goes to complete white and the first image comes in at full opacity. I want it to look like the other transitions in the slideshow. i'm sure this is an easy fix, but i'm very much a novice at this.  thanks

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Your explanation didn't answer the questions asked, so there wasn't much to offer.  If you are tweening the images along the timeline rather than using actionscript, then the solution to making the last image fade into the first image is to do just that.  Add the first image as if it is a new last image and have your current last image transition to it just klike you do for all the rest.  Once the transition is complete you add the command to gotoAndPlay(#), where # is the frame where the first image is fully visible at the beginning of the timeline.