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    Film Fades

    Jim_Simon Level 8

      Andrew Kramer of Video Copilot has created a couple of film-like fade presets for After Effects.  You can see more about these at the link below.




      As something of a cinephile, I really like the way Andrew's fades more closely resemble the way celluloid looks when doing it optically.  But it was something of a pain going into AE to create that look for every single fade in my project, even with the new "Replace with AE Comp" goodnes of CS4.  I wanted to see if I could recreate that same look in Premiere.


      I succceeded.  Andrew's Film Fades are now available directly within Premiere.  Just download the Presets below.


      (One note of instruction.  The Title Fade is based on a standard 5 second title.  If you apply it to a longer title, you will have to adjust the end set of keyframes.)

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          dradeke Adobe Employee

          Very cool Jim - thanks.

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            dradeke Adobe Employee

            give me the details (via private message if you wish) and I can try to replicate for a Mac.

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              lestra7 Level 1

              Thank you Jim, this is nice idea, and can make life easier

              Also, what if you make second keyframes EASY IN in Fade In preset?I think it looks much better.


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                Jim_Simon Level 8

                I'll give it a try.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  I posted a link to this thread in PrE, just in case. I'll also play with these, to see if with maybe a file extension change, they can work there too.






                  PS - sometime back, a user on the Muvipix forum was working with Kramer's Fades, but was having some issues. I do not recall what those were, but it seems that in their case, the source footage's Contrast made a big difference. If I can find that discussion, I'll run it past you, in case you can benefit from that.

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                    Jim_Simon Level 8



                    There is definitely a visible difference between key frame interpolations.  Trouble is, no settings I try in Premiere will exactly duplicate the results of Andrew's AE preset.  This could be some program weirdness, or simply my own ignorance.  (I reeeeally don't understand the whole Keyframe Velocity thing.)


                    I'll keep playing.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      As a starting point, maybe look at Continuous Bezier.


                      Just a thought,




                      PS - again, thanks!

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                        Jim_Simon Level 8

                        After some more playing, I was unable to exactly reproduce Andrew's effect.  It's close, but not exact.


                        However, I've decided I actually prefer the look of the Linear keyframed effect, so I've stopped playing.

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                          lestra7 Level 1

                          I checked in AE, Andrew Kramer used BEZIER keyframe interpolation for all keyframes.Maybe not perfect but I am really happy now with this preset.Much better than simply "Dissolve in" or going to AE just to fade in one clip.

                          Once again, thanx Jim, good idea.

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                            Jim_Simon Level 8

                            You're welcome.

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                              Dag Norum Level 2

                              First: Thanks to Jim for bringing film fade into Premiere.


                              Second: For those who don't have After Effects or Premiere CS4 (or only have PPro CS4 for MAC), here's a starting point, the *direct* translation (AE to PPro) on what Andrew Cramer did in AE:


                              In PPro:


                              1. Apply the effects Levels and Tint to the clip you want to fade in.


                              2. Figure out how long time you want the fade to be.


                              3. At the time you want the fade to end, set keyframes, without changing any settings, for the following: Opacity (an effect that's always there), under Levels: "(RGB) Black Input Level" and "(RGB) White Input Level", and finally, under Tint: the "Amount to Tint".


                              4. Go to the start of the clip and set the following values:
                              For Opacity: 0%
                              For "(RGB) Black Input Level": 186
                              For "(RGB) White Input Level": 54
                              For "Amount to Tint": 35


                              5. Select all keyframes (at least start and end for each effect), right click on the last one and select Continuous Beziere.


                              For Fade Out, just set keyframes (unchanged values) for where you want the fade to start, and then put in the above values for where you want it to end (reverse procedure you may call it).

                              Now, I tested this in PPro 1.5, and one thing I noticed was that Tint doesn't have the same impact in PPro as in AE. Maybe I should try the same thing in PPro CS3, but not right now.


                              I wonder if maybe Dennis could do a test or two to see if the Tint effect works the same way in AE and PPro.


                              Anyway, as stated, the procedure above is a starting point.




                              PS! One could always play with the keyframe handles in order to make the speed-curves as one wants.

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                                Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                For CS4 on W7 the tint is the same in Pro as in AE. The impact depends on the image.


                                A few year ago Aharon Rabinowitz did an AE turorial for the Cow on a film flash transition which is very easy to customize for Pro.

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                                  Jim_Simon Level 8

                                  For CS4 on W7 the tint is the same in Pro as in AE.


                                  You mean the settings, or the appearance?  I could not match the settings for Tint and Opacity between the programs.  (Failing those, I never tried for Levels.)


                                  For example, the Opacity at frame 2 of the fade in would be 1% on AE and something else in Premiere.  Frame 3 would be 4% in AE and again different in Premiere.  Nothing I did with keyframes in Premiere would exactly match the AE settings.

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                                    Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                    I meant appearance.

                                    In the past I tried several 'effects' for AE in Pro and never got the settings the same. But then again Pro is no AE, but with some tweeking you can get very close.

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                                      Dag Norum Level 2

                                      Of course I tried with exactly the same footage in AE and PPro, It could be that AE and PPro have two different ways to mix effects though, and it could be that CS4 "all of a sudden" has gotten it all right now. I don't know...


                                      Have you tried it Ann? A to B...




                                      EDIT: Meaning the Tint effect of course (and also in mix with other effects).

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                                        Dag Norum Level 2



                                        Something funny is in play here, and I did some more testing this morning.


                                        As you said, Tint is (or at least seems to be) the same in PPro and AE. But, applying Cramer's preset in AE and then switching Tint off and on gives a pretty big difference, much more than in PPro after building the fade there.


                                        A strange thing (and what made me believe in differences between AE and PPro ) is that if I changed the order of the Level and Tint effects in AE (using Cramer's preset), and then back to the original order (Level first), then switching the Tint effect off and on gave the same results as in PPro (much less difference between Tint on and off).



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                                          AudoWarp Level 1

                                          Does it work in CS5?

                                          Where do I put the file?

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                                            Colin Brougham Level 6

                                            It does. Unzip, and double-click the .PRFPSET file; it will be added to Premiere in a "Fades" folder.

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                                              AudoWarp Level 1

                                              I double-click the .prfpset file, and

                                              Premiere starts up.

                                              However, I don't see a "Fades" folder anywhere.

                                              Where would I find this "Fades" folder?

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                                                Colin Brougham Level 6

                                                Well, since they're presets, they're in the presets folder. You could also search for "fade."

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                                                  Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                  Rightclick on the word Presets in the Effects window.

                                                  Import Preset...

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                                                    AudoWarp Level 1

                                                    Thank you.  Double-clicking the file didn't do the trick.

                                                    Importing it did.

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                                                      Arlo Ihrig

                                                      Jim!  You just saved my bacon!  I started researching how to do this myself, and low and behold, you already did it!  Saving me a gajillion hours and headache going back and forth into AE for this.


                                                      THANK YOU!

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                                                        Jim_Simon Level 8

                                                        You're welcome.

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                                                          I made this 6 presets fade in and fade out from black or White with two filters Camera Blur and ProcAmp:

                                                          01. Black fade in

                                                          02. Black fade out

                                                          03. Black fade in and out

                                                          04. White fade in

                                                          05. White fade out

                                                          06. White fade in and out




                                                          I hope to join