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    Pre7 after upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 (Ultimate 64bit)


      I recently upgraded my Vista Ultimate (64bit) computer to Windows 7 Ultimate (64bit).  This was an upgrade, not a clean, fresh install.  Today is the first time I have tried to run PRE7 under Windows 7.  Prior to the upgrade, I had no problems to speak of with PRE7 and the PhotoShop.com Plus account that I set up with it.  Now whenever I start PRE7 under Windows 7, I get the "Install Full Content" dialog informing me that a reduced set of content has been installed and that I need to install the full set of content from the installation DVD.  Now believe me when I say that the full set of content was installed under Vista and that I never got such a dialog box prior to Windows 7.  In addition, after clicking OK to continue, the PhotoShop.com membership did not log on automatically as I am used to it doing.  I don't remember exactly now what I had to do, but to the best of my recollection, after I logged on to my account it was telling me that I needed to verify my account, which I did.  I subsequently received an email with a verification link in it.  After clicking on the link my account was verified and now when I start PRE7, it automatically logs me on to my PhotoShop.com account, as I am used to it doing.  I still get the "Install Full Content" dialog, though.  I thought I would ask in this forum if anyone else has experienced these two anomalous behaviors after ungrading to Windows 7, before I attempt to go thorough the motions of actually reinstalling the full content, which should not actually be necessary.


      Thank you,

      Charles Lawrence