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    Quickly Graduated from Premiere Elements 8 - Not Suitable for HD - Comments?


      After some additional research today, I think I have a handle on what is happening with my system running Premiere Elements 8.

      First System Configuation is less than 3 weeks old:


      Window 7 -64bit Professional

      EVGA X58 Classified MoBo

      I7-950 CPU (not OC'ed)

      12GB Tri-Channel (1600) RAM

      Nvidia Quadro 1800

      500GB Logical Drive 1 (Consisting of 2xOCZ SSD 256GB Solid State in RAID 0)

      600GB Logical Drive 2 (Consisting of 2xWD VelociRaptor 10KRPM 300GB HDD in Raid 0)

      1.0TB Physical Drive 3 for Backup of 1&2 (Consisting of 1 - WD 7200 RPM Drive)


      I custom configured this specifically to run photo and video processing.  I've been working with photos for years and just now getting into full 1920x1080 HD video with my Canon 5D-M2 and new VIXIA HFS100 Cancorder.


      My Rig is very fast and is awesome in Photoshop CS4 managing multiple images from my Canon 5D-M2.  Batch processing, resizing, etc. runs like a dream.  In Windows 7 preformance "Experience Index" the System ranks 7.5 on CPU, 7.5 on Memory and 7.7 on disk I/O out of the possible 7.9 scale, the Nvidia Quadro 1800 only ranked 6.7 which is disapointing (any one else run this performance eval on their Vista or W7 machine?  I would be interested to know your scores and what video card you are using)  I may experiment with OC soon, but so far I have not seen the need.


      Being new to Video editing I wanted to start slow and and not invest in a professional level editing package until I knew what my real needs would be, So I purchased Premiere Elements 8.0 to get stated.  I also when through the full training course that is available on LYNDA.COM.  Which is great BTW!!!!  Then on to produce a "professional" looking HD video of a recent vacation to Napa Valley with footage and stills from my Canon 5dM2.


      Elements 8 is a nice tool and offers alot of features, but just seemed to get choked down after creating about 4 or 5 minutes of 1920x1080 video.  In moving around the timeline, the package would have to hit the disk each time to re-display the video "icon" clips on the timeline.  I found that after about 4 minutes of video on the timeline,  each time I added a new clip I would have to pause and wait for the system to settle down before editing.  Also once things started slowing down, usually trying to move a clip around the timeline would cause a complete lock-up  (just lost about an hour of work).   I was also puzzled at why Elements 8 had to hit the disk so much when I had 12GB of RAM just sitting there with over 7GB unused.  This is sad because Elements 8 has the tools and features I want, just doesn't have the power.

      Well (Stupid me) Elements 8 is still only a 32bit package and will not utilize any RAM above 4GB.  That in itself explains alot.  To really utilize my system to the fullest, I will need to upgrade to a 64 bit - professional level NLE package like Premiere Pro CS4, Sony Vegas Pro 9, or others.  Now back to the drawing board to reseach packages to determine which is best for my needs.


      Any experiences with 64Bit package?  Recommendations?