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    capturing video from canon zr900 mini DV to adobe premier pro cs3? help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      I'm trying to capture video from a canon zr900 mini DV Camcorder using adobe premier pro cs3 via firewire, but premiere is not detecting my camcorder and the model I'm using isn't listed in premiere or on the adobe device support website. I need this video edited to pass a class in college and I'm starting to panic. I borrowed this camcorder from a friend and they have never used it via firewire. this is the first time I have tried to capture video via firewire and I don't understand things like hertz, pal, and ntsc. I wonder if I chose the wrong settings when creating a new project, there are so many options.  my class project is due on the 3rd of December and 5 people are going to fail if I fail to figure this out because this is a group assignment, being the only person in my group with editing software( Adobe master suite cs3) I was designated the editor but I failed to understand that not all digital camcorders have memory cards or usb cords.  please help , anybody, please help me !!!