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    How do I fix scratchy sound when in full screen?


      Whenever I am watching a video on a player that uses Adobe flash (such as videos on Hulu and some other sites), when I go full screen, after about 10 seconds the sound will become scratchy. This only happens with videos using Adobe Flash Player.


      I am not exactly sure what information is needed, but here is some:


      - OS: Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit)

      - Model: ASUS G50VT (laptop)

      - I listen to the sound directly from my computer, which the sound is just called "High Definition Audio". All my drivers are updated. The sound is scratchy whether or not I have headphones in. But, when I have it coming out of a TV monitor through an HDMI cable, the sound is fine.

      - I have Adobe Flash Player 10


      I attached my dxdiag (comp. specs) if more information is needed..