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    RoboHelp Changes style to transparent

    zappy0 Level 1
      I am using RoboHelp HTML version 7. I often change sections of text to red to indicate a section I want to make sure is reviewed. After the review occurs and I have made my edits, I set the text back to automatic under the Change Font Color button. However, when I select Automatic, RoboHELP inserts the style tag style="color: Transparent;

      I did not realize that this was happening until today when I installed FireFox 3.0. The browser recognizes the transparent style and thus large sections of my online help disappeared.

      Is selecting Automatic actually supposed to be doing this? My CSS files do not have anything about transparent text in them so I cannot figure out why this happened or how I can prevent it. I did a search of all my help files and was able to remove the transparent style. Any advice as to how to prevent this is much appreciated. Thanks.
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          Ben Minson Level 2
          I'd suggest creating a style called "review" with a font color of red. Apply that style to paragraphs that you want reviewed.

          When you change the red paragraphs back, apply the "Normal" style (or whatever style you use for the text).

          Personally, I would never use the font color picker directly on text. As you have found, it adds extra code that may become problematic. (I would guess that if you're changing the font color to red using that same color picker, RH is adding style="color: #FF0000" or style="color: red" to your code. Stick to styles whenever possible, and your code will be cleaner.

          Hope this helps,