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    Can you make flash brushes behave like Photoshop brushes?


      So is it possible to make Flash brushes behave like Photoshop brushes?


      There's a specific reason I'm asking, but I'll get into that later. I want to make it clear that I'm NOT talking about importing brushes, or making flash brushes paint like special brushes such as wet media brushes or dry brushes etc.


      I'm simply talking about BEHAVIOUR. Photoshop brushes pretty much emulate the exact contact you make on the tablet. Whereas we all know flash brushes have an 'auto-smooth' type of effect.


      I know you can go into properties and monkey around with the settings, but I'm having trouble getting it right. It either remains too smooth, or gets jittery as if I'm using the pencil tool in MS Paint.


      Speaking of the pencil tool, it has no weight or variation, so I'm not interested in it.


      I'm hoping someone found the number "formula" in all the property options that best imitate PS brushes. Can someone help me out?


      (If anyone's interested, here's the reason I want to know):


      I want to do fram by frame animation, and flash is the quickest, most economical way to get it done; but the brushes just aren't friendly for the method of frame by frame. Sure they're great for tweening, but it takes For-e-ver to get from scratch to clean-up, as opposed to Photoshop.

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          Gurflob Level 2

          I'm pretty sure the only settings you can change are the smoothness of the brush and its size. I usually keep my smoothness at about 40.  Too low and it has a million vector points, and too high it ends up looking nothing like what you originally painted.


          I'm not sure if you can get it to look exactly like photoshop since photoshop is a raster program and flash is vector though.