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    Full screen RIA + html picture on the bottom

    Andre Linux Level 1


      I have this problem:

      My flash movie is set to 100% height /  100% width.

      But i also want to insert picture on the bottom using HTML on html page where flash movie is also embedded.

      The problem is that flash movie takes all the page anyway, and the picture on the bottom is not displayed.

      I'd apprecciate an solution


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          markerline Level 4

          I don't have the Flex package but I do have Flash CS4.

          I authored a quick .SWF 550x400 pixels (default) with a looping animation to see that it was Flash.

          I used Dreamweaver to author the code to embed the Flash on the HTML page.

          I then created a quick CSS style in the HTML page itself (not an external CSS style sheet) defining the margins for the image.  I used negative values to pull the image back and over the SWF.  If you use positive values, the CSS margin rule will push the image away from the borders of the browser, but negative values will pull the image back over the borders and/or image that is next to it.  Give it a try.  Remember, TRBL (Top Right Bottom Left) are the rules for placing margins in order in CSS (i.e., .class{margin: T px R px B px L px} where TRBL are numbers without quotes--you must use the px suffix to specify pixel units unless you use % or "em" as a suffix or some other value definition)


          Hope this helps.



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            Andre Linux Level 1



            Thanks, but I think you got my problem wrong, or I don't understand your solution. I am not an CSS expert. Can you show me source or working example? But thanks anyway.


            I have created another thread in appropriate forum where I have rewritten my issue: