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    Can I not pathfind a line?

    FlexDouche Level 1

      I have a line that is drawn inside of a box and exits the box on both sides.


      That line has a brush stroke on it which makes it get thicker in the center and tail off on the ends.


      I want the line to be black inside of the box and white when it exits.



      So I tried to draw a square around the exit of the line and then use pathfinder to quickly create an exact match of the line.

      But instead its drawin all kinds of crazy stuff.


      Can I not Pathfind a line???



      And if not can someone give me a tip on how to get the results to this??

      i have tried to trace it but it is givin me a hard time to make a perfect trace...

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          sonicDream Level 3

          1) create a rectangle

          2) create a line on top of the rectangle and apply whatever stroke you want to it

          3) select the line and go to Object -> Flatten Transparency and select High Resolution and tick the box that says "Convert all Strokes to Outlines" ... press ok

          4) select the rectangle, press ctrl+c/apple+c and after ctrl+f/mac+f;

          5) select the newly created rectangle and the flattened line and apply PathFinder->Minus Front;


          That should do the trick;


          hope it helps;


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            Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



            You may (use copies for whatever you wish to keep):


            1) Select the brushed path and Object>Expand Appearance, then Ungroup until you have only selected paths and delete all but the one outlining the brush, then give it the stroke back if it had one and it is still wanted;

            2) Select the outlined path and the box and Pathfinder>Divide, then Ungroup and recolour the fill of the end parts of the brushed stroke.

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              JETalmage Level 6

              Can I not Pathfind a line???

              What you're describing is not a line; it's an open path with a live Brush Appearance applied to it.


              Some Pathfinder operations can affect open paths. But the unexpected results you are experiencing are due to the Brush still being live, not a simple path. So you need to Expand the Brush so that it becomes a "nailed down" actual path. Then Pathfinders will interact with it as expected (that is, in their often unexpected ways):