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    Jason Villmer

      Just a few suggestions:


      1. In Properties > Flex Compiler > HTML wrapper add a drop down menu to select which type of wmode (gpu, direct) etc.

      2. Properties > Add a Default Size for the .swf (instead of having to add a compiler argument such as -default-size "900" "500" )




      Also, I sent this to the Flash Player 10.1 forum:




      1. First, thank you to the Flash Player team for fixing the H.264 issues in 10.1!! I've had a major issue with H.264 for some time now in that the H.264 files would only visually appear after 1/3rd of a file was downloaded. Now it visually appears in under 5 seconds. THANK YOU!! The quality of H.264 is far superior to .flv files so this is a MAJOR improvement in my opinion. (a long awaited improvement)



      2. I also see that native scroll-wheel support is now added for OSX. That was a surprise.




      1. I'm using Flex Builder Beta 2 and have a significantly complex project that involves a custom immersive-video engine, maps integration (Google) and database driven data-grids. Bad news is that, despite the significant improvements in 10.1, the map  and data-grid windows both have issues. Sometimes they don't appear at all. Sometimes the Map appears but the markers don't. Sometime the map appears but the data grid doesn't show the data.


      So, I hope that when 10.1 finally gets out of beta those bugs can be found and worked out.



      Jason Villmer