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    Reactivation Black Hole


      You are now entering the reactivation black hole! Have spent the last 6 weeks trying to get my case resolved with no success.


      1. Reactivation for Master Collection CS3 prompted reactivation. Reactivation failed. Called support and still failed with them as well.

      2. Sat on hold for 5 hours again and was told to de-install.

      3. De-install did not work and used cleaner at level 4 which allowed me to re-enter the serial number but also removed Acrobat professional and Director 11.5. Have also Production Premium on a second system as well. New activation only allows me to enter Production Premium serial with a check mark and not Master Collection which shows and X.

      4. Oh wait, where are the download installs for CS3. No longer available depending on when you purchased them.

      5. Running only a few programs with Production preium serial as Master Collection serial is not recognized and does not work even though it is in my registed history with Adobe.

      6. I never asked to go through this reactivation process and was happy with CS3 till software stopped working and was forced to enter the black hole.

      7. From what I can tell there is no resolution possible here.

      8. Guess the only way out is to find a crack that will bypass this mess Adobe has created since they are unable to resolve this after 6 weeks and many hours on my part installing and reinstalling only some of the installs as not all are still available for CS3. I only use fully purchased software, however if this is the only way out is to crack it, well that is it, I give up.