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    After using bone tool my shape disappears.

      This is as much as I can complete, I have no idea why the spider disappeared if any one can tell me that would be useful.
      After all the trouble that I have had with this assignment, and all the posts that I have made to the problems and solution are I still am stuck. I have checked the adobe website and many other for the solution to my problem. I have managed to finally use the bone tool.

      I imported my png file first to the library.
      Then I dragged it to the stage.
      Next I broke it apart by doing modify break apart.
      Next I converted it to bitmap by modify-bitmap.
      After that I selected the bone tool and was able to trace out all the bones.
      But here I get stuck the moment I do anything the spider disappears and all that remains is the bones.


      And if someone can tell me why it would not allow me to use the bone tool when I imported the png or even the ai file, then converted to movie clip and tried to use the bone tool and nothing. I had to take the png file and do a bitmap trace, none of the tutorials I read said I had to do any of that.