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    Need to add a "share this video" link to a Flash video


      Thanks in advance!  I see it everywhere.  A video ends and a link pops up to share this video which opens the viewers default e-mail application and populates it to share the link to the video.  Can anyone tell me how to do this?  BTW I am a amateur flash user.  I simply use it to create high quality web ready videos.

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          TALAL MANAA Level 1

          Open actionscript and Declare the following variables (this is Actionscript 2):

          Address = ""; //leave this empty so the the user can enter his friend email address

          Subject = "Share this with me"; // or any oter sentence you wish

          Body = "http://www."; // Enter the link here to share with your friend that will appear in this message body

          mailto = "mailto:" + Address + "?subject=" + Subject + "&body=" + Body;

          // Then create/design a button and give it any instance name in the property panel like for example "mybtn"

          mybtn.onPress = function () {