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    Perspective Animation Help


      Newby here and I did some searching through the tutorials etc but I'm not finding the answer I'm looking for.. or perhaps I'm misunderstanding the answers I'm getting. More or less just need someone to point me in the right direction. I'm pretty good at figuring this stuff out once have a few initial clues.


      I have a dozen or so saved images from google earth of New York city. The first is a 3D side shot of the skyline of Manahattan. I then have a series of pictures that move the viewer one by one up to a birds eye perspective over the city looking down SO, tThe first shot is the side profile of the city and the last shot is the birdseye view looking staight down. I wanted to animate this so it looks fairily smooth. Possible? Suggestions?

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          ingvarai Level 1

          Import the images into After Effects as an image sequence. If you have "a dozen" images, it sounds you have rather few for the effect you want. You then may want to use the Timewarp effect to smooth out the animation.

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            Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            It's possible to a degree, but don't expect miracles.  After Effects has the ability to blend between frames in two different ways:  by simply mixing the content of two frames, or by attempting to "morph" between the frames.


            Import your frames and place them in the correct order into a composition, each one a single frame in duration.  Align them if necessary so they match as much as possible. 


            Then create a new comp, place the first comp into the second, and apply the Time Warp filter.  Read more about Time Warp and how to use it in the help files:



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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant



              Yes, but not as easily as you may have thought. You will have to carefully align your images' positions and anchor points, turn them into 3D layers then animate scale and X rotation to get your crane-up movement while at certain points you add cross-fades between the different stages. You may even need to cut out separate elements and treat them individually. In any case, it needs to be failry fast to disguise any imperfections with motion blur. Also note, that if this were for a comemrcial project you would have to license Google Earth Pro, but this would have the advantage of being able to directly export image sequences and movie clips that already contain waypoint and view animation....