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    Change nickname


      Hello all,

      I have just joined Kuler five minutes ago, after lurking there for a few months.


      One problem: my nickname. It is adobe.


      I thought it was funny, that when I signed up, that it automatically took my e-mail address name as my user name.

      However, the system obviously didn't take into account that some people have a whole domain at their disposal, and just match the name to the service they sign up to.


      So, I chose 'adobe@blablabla' and so, my kuler nickname has become adobe.


      Although I'm a senior in graphics design and I have done quite a lot colour mixing over the last years, I don't represent Adobe, neither do I want people to think I do so. Additionaly, I think Adobe will find out soon enough and my account will be locked, with or without finding out why I got this name. To avoid that, I'd thought I'd mention it myself, and propose a different nickname. :-)


      So, if someone in charge of Kuler accounts reads this: please change my name to haulrich like it is here, in the forum.


      I thank you a lot.


      H.A. Ulrich