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    Cleaning CS4 Production Premium prior to upgrade from Vista to Win7 x64 ?

    lanstrad Level 1

      I am borderline between a hardware and software question I know...


      I am preparing to upgrade from Windows Vista (64bit) to Windows 7 (64bit) through the Upgrade (Home premium) package.


      However, my very first issue is one of available space on C: drive... (where Adobe Creative Suite CS4 Production Premium is also installed).  Although most data outputting from these programs are on other drives, I need to find 9GB... Would removing all CS4 (among other things I will find out) is a good idea ? (Among potential problems, I understand I might have to deal with reinstallation issues: licence, all updates, links to projects, and so on...)


      At least, approx how much space can I recover from removing a full install of CS4 Production Premium ?


      Opinions about doing that and issues some of you might have faced ?





      Additional info :


      - PC is dual-boot (XP Pro 32bit and Vista 64bit) - CS4 is installed under Vista

      - dual-boot is managed by third party soft: Easy BCD (under Vista)

      - The HDD I have Vista (and CS4) on is physically distinct from the HDD used for XP, and is splitted in 2 partitions (yes I tought about decresing the adjacent partition and increase C:, but it does not seem to be straightforward - Might try Acronis Disk Director, but unsure on which system I should install it...)

      - HDDs where my Adobe projects are located are physically distincts (connected eSATA, outside the PC).

      - I *think* I have cleaning all media cache files relating to Premiere on the C: drive - can't think of anything else I could first try to clean...

      - ... although I can't figure out how I can only have 11GB on this 58.5 GB C: partition... When I only have Windows Vista x64 - and unfortunately Adobe CS4 installed there...