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    User adjusted grids in Warp


      Warp is an extremely useful tool limited by a very small and fixed 3x3 grid size.



      1.  Please make the grid user adjustable so that  user specifies 4x4....18x18 with the grid size automatically adjusting the distance between the nodes automatically.


      2. Allow user to save the grid at any point, and then load a saved grid onto another image.






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          AlexMxi Level 1

          Yes, I was thinking about this too. This feature would be very welcome.

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            c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

            Warp could indeed do with some improvements.

            But recently there was an Adobe Labs-video on YouTube that seemed to hint at pretty significantly enhanced transformation-capabilities being in the pipeline anyway … hopefully those will, if and when implemented, be applicable to Smart Objects.


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              AlexMxi Level 1

              wow! thanks for the link. I want the CS5 already.


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                Reynolds (Mark) Level 4

                I dont think that the new 'puppet' disortion feature is going to replace Warp. Its a very different feature with different uses.


                I think that expandable warp grids (to at least 4 x 4) would be a good idea, its been asked for a few times already

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                  I agree. 3x3 is not enough.


                  Some other things I want warp to be able to do...


                  1) Warp at an angle - Not all the things I want to warp work best with the grid aligned vertically and horizontally. Sometimes I might want to warp something at 30 or 45 degrees.


                  2) I agree with a save warp position option. Sometimes I want to repeat a warp on several similar images. Being able to save warp configurations would be a great bonus, even if it's just so that I can to pop out to select another layer to maybe realign it or alter the opacity a bit.


                  3) Nodal Warp. Using user defined nodes instead of a grid (like in those photo morph apps)


                  4) Perhaps it's another app altogether but what I really want is an 'un-warp'. I'd love to be able to straighten wobbly edges or make a selection and expand an image to a rectangle or a circle. My last job was to straighten the edges of the following images so they were perfectly rectangular without losing any of the detail around the edges. I would have loved to have been able to just make a selection around an edge and then click a 'straighten' button.

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                    drdancm Level 1



                    Thanks for your input. I suspect only a small percentage of PShop users use Warp, and even fewer people have imagined how useful it could be. Obviously your imagination is wide open. Perhaps the following link will be to your taste also.


                    I found out about another terrific possible  feature in CS5:


                    (collaboration between Adobe, Princeton U, and U. of Washington)

                    Structural Image editing (goes way beyond Seam Carving)


                    Amazing isn't it?