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    Fonts and Fireworks CS4 (Mac)

    370H55V Level 4

      I discovered that certain fonts WILL cause Fireworks CS4 to not launch on a Mac.


      I have a font library of approximately 5000 fonts and font sets.


      I run the same library on both PC and Mac.


      The PC Fireworks doesn't have a problem, but the Mac Fireworks would crash on launch and say it encountered an error. (Nothing more specific).


      I started using Suitcase Fusion to manage my font library and by removing the 500 from the system fonts, Fireworks CS4 now opens and runs without any problems.

      It also runs a lot faster only having to load the system fonts.


      I was so impressed with Suitcase Fusion on the Mac that I got it for the PC as well and sped up all of my CS4 apps.