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    Toggle Full Screen with lingo?

    Rix Level 1

      Hi there,


      I have just got a Mac mini 10.6.2 and I'm testing exporting mac projectors from Dir11.5 on XP.


      What I'd like to achieve is to swap between two states whilst playing the projector.


      State 1: Small draggable Windowed state with title bar and Mac Dock / desktop visible.

      State 2: Pure 800x600 Full Screen with No Dock or title bar visible.


      I am using BuddyAPI successfully to switch monitor screen modes to 800x600 and back again to native res.


      My problem is, if I want to hide the dock and title bar, I seem to have to publish with the "Full Screen" checkbox ticked in the publish settings. This means when I switch back to native res windowed mode there is the solid movie background colour hiding the mac desktop and dock (as you'd expect).


      Is there a way to turn full screen (black out the desktop and dock) on and off during runtime with lingo?


      I know its a long shot, but though I'd check with the pros before assuming it's not possible.




      Richard Smith