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    Missing folder in my plugins


      I have been learning flex via the online video training, and recently I keep getting an error which looks as follows:


      Severity and Description    Path    Resource    Location    Creation Time    Id
      Flex 0.0 (1): Flex SDK location "/Applications/Adobe Flex Builder 3/plugins/com.adobe.flexbuilder.flex_3.0.214193/devsdks/3.2.0" does not exist.        AdobeODT    Unknown    1259529404991    3



      The program is still able to run but I don't like having to see the error every time I run a file. The folder devsdks does not exist on my computer when I went to look for it.


      Any help would be appreciated.

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          what do you know?

          I am getting this is as well. Bummer that you never got a response.

          I could have used it.

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            Skiadzo Level 1

            Ok, I fingered it out.

            Its the whacky config.xml file on the eclipse side.

            On the flex plugin side, it looks fine. so I just copied if from the flex plugin dir to the eclise plugin directory.

            The common point is: com.adobe.flexbuilder.flex_xxx/config.xml


            It appears the Adobe's install facility is slightly munged. If I had to guess, it looks like the plugin stuff was copied before the config.xml file was updated with the flex sdk path. Consequently the copied config.xml was on the eclipse side was never updated. In any event, some for testing before releasing might have been helpful.