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    I don't get it...  2 Different 720x480 1 "Widescreen" one not....

    kilerb Level 1

      Hi, I have 2 clips...  Both of which say in properties that they are 720x480.  Clip 1 is a DVD rip that is not widescreen, so I think 720x480 is correct.  The 2nd is off my camcorder, which has the 16x9 setting activated.  I want to export the video as 16x9, but Premiere also shows this clip as being 720x480.  How is this possible if it's 16x9?  I imported it into my DVD rip project file where the sequence is 720x480...  I imported it just so I could hit properties on the file and see the dimensions.  Should it be 720x480?  If so, how can i get it to 16x9 output?