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    Premier Elements 8 and Windows Media Output

    Randall Something



      I recently bought a new computer (Win 7 64 bit) to replace my old PC (Vista 32 Bit).  On my old PC I had Premier Elements 7, but got Premier Elements 8 for the new PC.  I like to create Windows Media files as output so I can watch the videos from my XBox 360.  But I noticed that the output from PE8 takes takes up much less of the screen than the output from PE7.  In other words, when I play the WMV file (on either my computer or the XBox), there is a large black border around the video.  When running a WMV file from PE7, the video takes up the entire screen area.


      As an experiment, I imported about a 10 second clip from my video camera.  I then created a video in WMV from both PCs using the exact same settings (HD 1080i 30 - I went to the advanced settings and made sure every setting was the same).  And the results were consistent.  The video from PE7 took up the entire screen (in Windows Media Player), while the PE8 output had a significant border around it (I tried playing each file on both PCs and got the same results).


      It's much nicer when watching the videos on my HD TV from the XBox if the videos take up the entire screen rather than taking up a much smaller portion of the screen.  Any ideas on how to get the output the same would be appreciated.  Thanks!