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    Camera Class not working properly in AIR

    rajdeeprath Level 1

      It seems that Camera class does not work properly in AIR. Flex Builder does not even provide drop down "addEventListener" for a camera object.

      The same code works well in flash versions.


      My Code:


      var camera:Camera = Camera.getCamera();
      liteSpyModelLocator.streamFileName = "red5";
      liteSpyModelLocator.spyStream = new NetStream(liteSpyModelLocator.spyConnection);
      liteSpyModelLocator.spyStream.addEventListener(NetStatusEvent.NET_STATUS, onStatus,false,0,true);


      Its seems to be all black when i try to read the stream. Also Camera.get(); gives null on passing a parameter , like:

      Camera.get(Camera.names[0]); -> null


      there is no addeventListener in drop down in any version of flexbuilder for camera class.


      is this a bug ? or a missing feature ?


      Please help !