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    Error while trying to do a batch sequence for signing lots of pdf

    Little Green



      I am trying to sign documents in javascript in the batch workflow of Acrobat.


      So my javascript sequence is the following:


      /* Signature Sign All */
      // Choose handler
      var ppklite = security.getHandler("Adobe.PPKLite");
      // Login -- change as appropriate
      ppklite.login("123abc", "/Pata.p12");
      // Add a signature field with zero dimensions (invisible)
      var f = this.addField("Signature", "signature", 0, [0,0,0,0]);
      // Sign it and log out. Change as appropriate
      { password: "123abc",
      location: "San Jose, CA",
      reason: "I am approving this document",
      contactInfo: "test@mycompany.com",
      appearance: "Testing"});


      and the error I get for each PDF is the following:


      GeneralError: Operation failed.
      Field.signatureSign:14:Batch undefined:Exec
      [ Creation of this signature could not be completed. ] -> [ The specified appearance does not exist. ]



      What is wrong? I have googled a lot, and found nearly nothing worse correcting my problem...


      BTW I am using Acrobat 8.1.7 Pro on Mac OsX 10.6.2


      Thank you in advance for your help